A Message from CREL's Director

Our Chemical Reaction Engineering Laboratory (CREL) continues its long tradition (since 1974) in bridging the gap between academic research and industrial practice of reaction engineering. We provide the state of the art multiphase reaction engineering education to new generations of students, advance the multi-scale reaction engineering methodology via research, and assist the transfer of academic research to industrial practice. We have been internationally recognized for the breadth and depth of our graduates, for our research contributions, and for our excellent rapport with industry, involving strong interaction with many global companies.

In the last few decades we have witnessed an enormous investment of capital in research focused on the molecular scale (mainly in the biological field). However, reaction engineering, as part of the multi-scale process engineering based on scientific principles, is needed to transfer such discoveries into 'green', energy efficient, technologies with significantly lower environmental impact. Risk reduction of commercializing of these new technologies can only be achieved by increasing the level of science in each step of the multi-scale reaction engineering methodology. We at CREL are poised to lead these efforts.

Throughout this website we reiterate the vision and mission of CREL. We highlight the importance of reaction engineering to industrial practice, summarize the active projects, and outline our ambitious plans for the future. We need continued input and support of our industrial colleagues and friends in order to convert our plans to reality and keep our leading edge research relevant to industrial needs.

I hope that the visitors of this website who work in the industrial sector will bring it to the attention of their management and advocate substantial participation in our initiatives for significant federal funding that involve interactions with industry. One is the development of a unique experimental facility for obtaining data on real catalysts, the other is for a comprehensive program on multi-scale process engineering for energy and the environment. Company involvement will greatly enhance its process engineering capabilities while efficiently leveraging resources as outlined in this report.

M. P. Dudukovic
Director, CREL
Washington University in St. Louis School of Engineering & Applied Science, Department of Energy, Environmental & Chemical Engineering, Chemical Reaction Engineering Laboratory
Brauer Hall, Campus Box 1180, One Brookings Drive, St. Louis, Missouri 63130
Phone: (314) 935-5548

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