Our Mission

    The Chemical Reaction Engineering Laboratory (CREL) at Washington University in St. Louis (WUStL) has been a long time champion of a system's approach to multiscale process engineering which is increasingly based on science. We recognize that energy and environmental issues will be of great importance globally in the coming decades and will require novel engineering approaches. Advancing the standard of living in the developing world by current technologies may be limited by environmental and energy constraints. The advances made in science during the last few decades call for implementation of new technologies but the main barrier to innovative concepts and discoveries of 'green chemistry' in industrial practice is the risk involved in scale-up. This risk is caused by the current largely empirical basis for design of various process units in current technologies. Increased level of science in the multi-scale approach to transfer of molecular scale discoveries to processes would greatly reduce this risk and make efficient environmentally friendly and sustainable technologies possible. This requires industry -university partnerships and it is our intent in CREL to continue providing the means for advances of reaction engineering methodology and its applications in a large variety of industries.

At CREL our mission has always been to educate new generations of engineers in leading edge reaction engineering methodology and propagate the multiscale systems approach in industrial practice. CREL is committed to continuous development of reaction engineering theory and practice in  the fuels, chemicals, petrochemicals, materials, biochemicals and environmental industries.
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